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We added this bull to add another shot of rito and Miss wix.  He had bw of 86lbs a weaning ratio of 110 and a yearling ratio of 107 and an imf and 125. His first calves rationed 101 at weaning and 107 for his yearling ratio.


8VR1 was bought because we believe he will produce superior females. He was born at 90lbs but his first calves had a birth ratio of 94 mostly in the 70-75lb range. He had a weaning ratio of 103 and a yearling ratio of 112. He had an imf ratio of111 and a ribeye ratio of107. If you have used alot of OCC influence he would a great bull to try as we believe they will cross very well.

We kept this bull to continue on the CAR Juneau bloodline. He is out of one of absolute nicest looking cows we own. The Juneau cows are really good. A7 was 90 lbs at birth and had weaning ratio of 113 and a yearling ratio of 107. His first calves where 101 for birth weight and 106 for weaning. His heifers look like the keeping kind.

We purchased 7WC16 to add the influence of legendary cow making Canadian sire Wandering CRK Dynasty. 7WC16 had a birth weight of 77lbs and a weaning ratio of 116, a yearling ratio of 103. We really like his calves the bulls are long and thick and the daughters are very nice.


7L17's pedigree is packed with some of best angus cows out there. He is a very moderate frame bull that is extra long and thick. He had a 74lb birth weight with a weaning ratio of 107 and a yearling ratio of 107 and an imf ratio of114.


We kept Pazuzu to carry on the CAR Medicine Man line. He had 73 lb Bw with a weaning ratio of 112 and a yearling ratio of113. We expect he will make  very good cows. His first calves had a weaning ratio of 105. His calves have a calm disposition.

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When we had the opportunity to purchase 816 we where very excited.  His sireCole creek 1100 Automatic purchased by Elstone Lone Tree Angus of ND sires very stylish bulls and daughters with exceptional udders and disposition.  His Dam had an amazing production record and not only produced the high selling bull ever for Cole creek Angus but has produced 4 other herd sires working in top notch registered herds.We had high expectations and he has surpassed them on every level. He stamps his progeny with more eye appeal then any bull we have used to date. He has an excellent disposition and is passing it on to his calves. We used this bull heavy again. 816 had an individual birth weight of 71lbs a weaning ratio of 105, a yearling ratio of 107, imf ratio of 125 and a ribeye ratio of 104. 816 bw ratio of 97 and a weaning ration of 101 on his first set of calves.

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Cole Creek Seal Lite 1446 is the son of arguably one of the best ever Cole Creek cows.  She has done more with less her entire life and continues to do so with a weaning Ratio of 11/103 and a yearly ratio of 11/102. She is also the Dam of the very popular Cole Creek Cedar ridge who has been used through out North America. His sire is packed full of great cows.  He sires very good females and bulls that have plenty of eye appeal. Seal lite had a individual weaning rato of 106, yearling ratio of 102, an imf ratio of 143 and ribeye ratio of 102.



With a BW of just 70lbs individual weaning ratio of 114, a Yearling ratio of 105 an IMF of 126 and ribeye of 116 Rollin Coal 6K7 was a stand out from the well respected Sinclair cattle co.  He is an aggressive breeder covering nearly 40 cows as a yearling many of those is a multi sire pasture with 7 other bulls. He kept his condition though out. He sired one of the high ratio bulls at 114.

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